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Sharmila Whelan - Testimonial


"I could not recommend ConsultLee and Lee Higgins highly enough, for professionals trying to navigate their careers, looking for the next opportunity and in the midst of the actual job search. Lee is amazing. Unlike many experts in his field, and I have come across a few over the years, he is generous with his time, always offers wise council and practical advice, just what you need.

I have not known Lee for long but had no hesitation signing up to the ConsultLee platform. I find the videos which are short, concise and answer pertinent questions about networking, ageism, using LinkedIn, the interview process hugely useful. And if I can’t find what I want or have a question or just need candid advice and a sounding board – Lee is always at hand."


Dale Headley - Testimonial


"I met Lee over a decade ago whilst in the midst of a search for a new career direction; what struck me at our first interaction and every subsequent one is, he is an authentic person who cares about everyone he interacts with. His mentorship skills are second to none and the career support one receives whilst working with him on a search, a personal benchmarking review, is something everyone should have the benefit of. Sharing his knowledge of what hiring managers, HR and talent acquisition are looking for in people is like gold dust. His video content is on point and he shares exactly what you need to know and does this with empathy, making it the go-to resource in your career search. 

 Lee fully understands how inherently frustrating a job search can be and the tools required to build and maintain the resilience required and is an incredible sounding board; this combined with his extensive network and a library of innovative networking tips, provides you with the most powerful tools for this process; empowerment and control. 

I will continue to use ConsultLee as I develop in my career, and I know having a mentor that I can access 24/7 will help me achieve my long-term career goals."


Larry Brennan - Testimonial


"I met Lee for the first time this year after my previous role had been made redundant in early December 2020 and for the first time in 20 years I was unemployed. Not a great start to the Christmas season but I tried to put it behind me and enjoyed the locked down Christmas like everyone else. In early January I signed up with all the headhunters and recruiting consultants recommended to me by friends and peers but Lee was very different. A career coach like Lee has contacts everywhere, his network is 40,000 people across a number of sectors and he coached me through the next steps of what I needed to think about. As a man in my late forties not used to looking for new roles, I was nervous about a number of things. Lee got me to think about:

LinkedIn page and how to use the resource.
How to prepare for interview
Think about diversity

Most importantly, he asked me what I wanted to do. He challenged me to explain, what I was really looking for in a new role, what qualities I needed to identify in a new employer and what differences I was looking for in a new position. He encouraged me to approach senior management in my sector directly, prepare slightly different CV’s depending on what they might be looking for, how to get organised and have the confidence to “get my name out there”. It worked. I ended up talking to a number of people and developed some really interesting opportunities. Now I am incredibly excited to be joining a small, young company with experienced fund managers and talented staff. “Good often comes out of the bad” as they say, and I am so grateful for all the knowledge imparted and support Lee has given me. Now I have coach I can call as I start the next phase of my career. Thank you Lee!

I really can’t be more positive about what you have done for me. Can’t wait to continue to work with you over the years and strengthen your already deep links with Tellworth."


Andy Larkin - Testimonial


“Lee has built up a fantastic network across various industries and has developed long term relationships driven by trust, integrity and extreme professionalism. His ability to think outside the box is a real asset and he has demonstrated an entrepreneurial approach to talent acquisition during the projects that I have worked on with him. The ability to constantly improve his business whilst at the same time always putting people at the forefront of his thinking sets him apart. From a personal perspective Lee has also made many introductions through his extensive network that have been instrumental in helping shape my career so far.”



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