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We Build Diverse Networks Because Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Matter

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What we do


We build and grow diverse networks.


We help hiring managers who are committed to improving diversity, equity and inclusion.
We identify experienced diverse talent ahead of the need to hire.
We research thousands of companies across industries to identify professionals from historically underrepresented groups.
We provide profiles and career aspiration commentary that allows you to network directly with a more diverse group of people.

Grow a diverse network 

You can't hire diverse talent unless you meet diverse talent

Build a more diverse team

Diverse teams are proven to perform better and deliver growth

Improve your company culture

The better your culture the easier it becomes to attract the best talent

Make diversity a business imperative

Show your business that diversity, equity and inclusion matters to YOU

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Why use us?


One small fee of £7,500 per committed hiring manager.
You want to build and maintain a more diverse network of professional contacts.
To expand your network beyond the same organisations, industries, universities, schools and clubs that you normally meet people from.
To communicate your DEI values to a broader network of people.
Because we are NOT recruiters and are therefore free from bias, unlike search firms our information and recommendations are not influenced by completion fees.
You can't hire diverse talent unless you meet diverse talent
We do not overcomplicate or overcharge.



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