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If any of the statements below resonate, this service is for you


You have lost faith with the search firms and finally realise they are only working for their client and only tell you what they think you want to hear. 


You are tired of waiting for the search firms to find you and call you. You see your peers secure a new role that you never received a call about.


The jobs being advertised lack transparency around level and compensation so you are not sure if you should even apply. 


You send in an application direct to a company and wait for days, weeks, quite often months before receiving a thanks but no thanks reply or worse still, no reply.


You reach out to your network and quickly realise that the people you thought would support you actually ignore you.


You work on your personal brand and growing your network but progress is painfully slow and you do not enjoy promoting yourself.


You are in a good job but want to explore other opportunities as you are no longer fulfilled. Challenge for you is time, you have a demanding job and there are not enough hours in the day to search for a new role.


You are in several interview processes through search firms and your network but the communication is poor and transparency is lacking. Quite often the process is incredibly slow moving and you need advice that will help you speed things up.


You simply want to outsource your job search and networking to an expert.

What you'll receive:


- Connections at firms you want to work for - the real hidden job market.


- Fortnightly report outlining your search progress.


- Coaching on how to sell your skills and personality effectively.


- Interview preparation support and coaching.


- Offer negotiation support.


- Third party insights into companies.


- Introductions to selected contacts in a private network of over 30,000 financial services professionals.


- We take care of the job search process for you - no more painful conversations with search firms!


- Online access to all video mentoring content - extended videos and tutorials.


- Monthly 1-1 career mentoring session with Lee Higgins and direct email access. Deep dive into your motivations, enhance your leadership skills and learn how to think differently.


- A career message that actually makes an impact.


Remember, search firms work for their client. I work for you!


Larry Brennan

"I met Lee for the first time this year after my previous role had been made redundant in early December 2020 and for the first time in 20 years I was unemployed. Not a great start to the Christmas season but I tried to put it behind me and enjoyed the locked down Christmas like everyone else. In early January I signed up with all the headhunters and recruiting consultants recommended to me by friends and peers but Lee was very different. A career coach like Lee has contacts everywhere, his network is 40,000 people across a number of sectors and he coached me through the next steps of what I needed to think about. As a man in my late forties not used to looking for new roles, I was nervous about a number of things. Lee got me to think about:

LinkedIn page and how to use the resource.
How to prepare for interview
Think about diversity

Most importantly, he asked me what I wanted to do. He challenged me to explain, what I was really looking for in a new role, what qualities I needed to identify in a new employer and what differences I was looking for in a new position. Now I am incredibly excited to be joining a small, young company with experienced fund managers and talented staff. “Good often comes out of the bad” as they say, and I am so grateful for all the knowledge imparted and support Lee has given me. Now I have coach I can call as I start the next phase of my career. Thank you Lee!

I really can’t be more positive about what you have done for me. Can’t wait to continue to work with you over the years and strengthen your already deep links with Tellworth."




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